Main Cities of La Pampa

Santa Rosa


Teatro Español: the doors of Teatro Español have been open since 1908; it is one of the most beautiful theaters in the country. During its existence, the original building was gradually modified to reach the present style, which is admired and recognized by the international artists who visited it. H. Lagos 44. tel: 45-5325.

Municipal Center of Culture: exhibitions are held permanently. The center concentrates multiple activities related to the social development of the pampean capital. This new building has 9 workshop classrooms, an auditorium whose capacity is over 100 seats and a backyard for artisans. Besides, this is the seat of the Municipal Bureau of Culture and the Municipal Historic Archive. Quintana 174, tel: 45-5324.

Municipal Center of Culture


Museo Provincial de Historia Natural (Provincial Museum of Natural History)
It was created on July 9, 1935. At present the collection comprises pieces of natural sciences (animals, plants, fossils, minerals, etc. with approximately 2,300 items) and anthropological sciences (bolas, projectile points, mortars, etc. with almost 360 items), which are shown as collections or in exhibitions. The building is 600 sq. m distributed in seven rooms. The admittance is free and the museum is open from 8 a.m. through 7 p.m., from Mondays through Fridays, except in January and February when it is open during the morning. Weekends, the museum is opened in the afternoon. Address: Pellegrini 180, Tel.: 42-2693

Museo Provincial de Artes (Provincial Museum of Arts)
It was created on December 20, 1984. It comprises 490 works of provincial and national artists, among paints, drawings, sculptures, pottery, engravings and photographs that come from public and private donations. The building has four exhibition rooms, a restoration laboratory, a warehouse, a library, a workshop, and a multi-purpose room. Open hours: Monday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.; Tuesday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 4.30 p.m. to 8 p.m.; Saturday and Sunday: from 6.30 p.m. through 9.30 p.m. The museum is in permanent activity. We suggest you should check out the schedule. Address: 9 de Julio and Villegas. Tel.: 42-7332.

Provincial Artisanal Market
You can appreciate and buy craftsmanships made of rope or leat her with certificate of origin, which are manufactured under aboriginal techniques, also, knitted items and embroidery. Address: San Martín and Luro Ave. Tel.: 43-0168.


Recreational Center "Don Tomás"
Without leaving the city, this center is located a few blocks from downtown. It consists of 250ha that surround the homonymous lagoon and sets the ideal stage for family recreation. There you will find many barbecue shops, stores, swimming pools, football and softball pitches, volley and basketball courts, a health track, games for children, bicycle track and athletics track.
The tourist train "El Puelchito", which passes over there on its way from Plaza San Martín.
The lagoon is suitable for fishing; mackerel is the predominant specie. Other activities are windsurf, kayak, canoeing, water ski, and offshore.
We recommend the "Salitrero", a modern ship that departs from the municipal quay every weekend.
Another exciting options are the water bikes. After crossing a bridge, you can reach the view point of the "little island", located in the center of a lake for tourists, which is also a wharf. By going along the shore you will reach the "large island". In front of the parking area you will find a bridge that leads you to a well-furnished tea room and a pier. There you will find a fountain with colorful fishes, a cascade, a view point and the "birds' island". Further on, you will find the esplanade of the "Mirador de la Cruz" (cross' view point), and then the symbolic "Lagoon Lighthouse". The Nautical Club and the boat storage is located on the premises, where you can also practice water activities. Tel.: 45-5358.

Images of the Recreational Center "Don Tomás"



Hunting Club Camping and Mini Zoo
Going towards Toay, by Perón Avenue, the Big and Small Hunting Game Club Vey Puudú is located six kilometers from the city and has a beautiful camping area of 22 hectares with old caldenes placed in the middle of giant sand banks. It has an autochthonous forest and the following facilities: storehouse, mud hut, grills, tables, drinking water, rest rooms, swings, climbing gym, and swimming pool. There you will also find a regional mini zoo, where you can observe the different animals of the pampean fauna, most of which were set free. Tel.: 42-4198.

Golf Club
The golf course of Santa Rosa Jockey Club is located a few kilometers before arriving at the city, if you come from Federal Capital. Due to its features, the golf club became one of the best clubs in the region with 18 holes in the circuit. The course is suitable to held local and regional tournaments; international golf players have praised it.
The modern infrastructure offers players and visitors a friendly ClubHouse, a restaurant, rest rooms and a swimming pool. Tel: 42-1328.

Motorcar Race Track
Next to National Route 5, the premises of the motorcar Racetrack Park of Santa Rosa comprise 42ha. This circuit is suitable for national and provincial competitions.
The place has a camping area of 1,000m2, with barbecues, res-trooms, drinking water and light, surrounded by profuse vegetation.

The important structure of the city attracts the local attendees and allows national and international competitions to be held. You can practice: paddle, tennis, squash, ping pong, gymnastics, basketball, volleyball, handball, softball, hockey, rugby, golf, swimming, athletics, cyclist, car and motorcycle racing, sport fishing, kayak, canoeing, water skiing, windsurf, martial arts, yoga, equestrian sports, fencing, skating, boxing, mountaineering, sail-fliying., paragliding, airplane modeling, hunting, pigeon breeding, bowls, chess, etc.
Besides, Santa Rosa is seat of the marathon "A Pampa Traviesa" (cross-country), which every year has the participation of the most important national and foreign athletes.

Marathon "A Pampa Traviesa"


Villaverde Farm
A farm very near Santa Rosa, defined by its owners as an ecological reserve.
In a natural farming environment with an active production, Villaverde offers the visitor the typical pampean landscape in full-scale. With a touch of class that distinguishes it, the farm house is surrounded by 30 hectares of park. The farm has a chapel, an European-style fountain, a historical small fort and a fully equipped panoramic convention room.
Behind the rodeo arena, you will find the stables, with old cars and period carriages. The rural Museum is the meeting place for educational visits and offers a program that is acknowledged by the Ministry of Culture and Education.
The farm has all the necessary facilities: executive suite, finely decorated and furnished rooms, air conditioning, hydromassage, Satellite TV, IDD (International Direct Dialing), 24 hour bar and swimming pool.
How to arrive: by National Highway 35 northward, the farm is located nine kilometers from Santa Rosa airport.
What to do: there are several programs: " a day in the country", "an afternoon in the country", visiting o the "Fortín Histórico Huitrú" (historical small fort), the only one of its kind in the province.
The programs encompass different activities: tasting home made food and pastry, enjoying the swimming pool, taking a ride on horseback, participating in rural tasks, taking a ride in period carriages, visiting the Rural Museum or Saint Mark's Chapel, going on a photographic safari and observing fowls or participating in a gaucho party.
Where to make reservations: Tel.: +54 2954 43-8764. The farm's telephone is 43-0295. English, French and Italian spoken. Transfer service.
More about Rural Tourism (estancias)>>

Rural tourism (estancias) in Santa Rosa


"La Lomita" Educational Farm
A place where you will learn to love nature...
It is a family business that started in 1992, which is run by Natural Sciences professionals who invite children attending primary school, youths, parents and teachers to know, enjoy and respect the environment. The participants build up their knowledge, values, attitudes and skills by taking part in workshops and collaborative activities programmed according to the groups and their interests. These activities will allow them to act as environmentally aware citizens.
The farm was declared of Educational and Ecological Interest by the Ministry of Culture and Education and the Undersecretary of Ecology of La Pampa's Government, and at present it opens its doors to the tourist, inviting children and families to participate in a rich experience in the country.
How to arrive: The farm is located in Toay, three kilometers from the southern circle traffic of Santa Rosa City, taking Tita Merello Street, in the "Plan 5 mil viviendas" housing area.
What to do. The premises is 30 hectares with an infrastructure adapted to carry out the experiences. As the farm has also a natural reserve of caldenes and a great biodiversity of autochthonous flora and fauna, the adventure begins with a walk through the interpretation path, where the guide invites the group to discover and recognize the different species and the odd relationships present in the ecosystem. In the Atalaya, the children retell and freely express their experiences, while a stop in the road allows them to recover energies and start new activities.
In the apiary they can make a picture, stamp wax, and taste ecological honey. The farmyard is the meeting place of children and adults. Children enjoy the idea of being in contact with goats, lambs, teques (llama's offspring), and calfs as they learn to recognize each animal by its name. They can also participate in experiences like milking, shearing, helping prepare artisanal food or just feeding the animals with their hands. Ducks, gooses, and hens permanently escort the visitors along the circuit, which can be made on foot or driving a sulky. The activities continue in the house, where the children enjoy playing freely while their parents taste delightful regional products and buy handicrafts. The afternoon tea is also a time to play together as they proudly eat the bread they have kneaded and baked in the mud oven.
Other optional activities. The farm is the ideal place to celebrate the birthday of children or adults. You can be the one-day host of your family or friends in a country house. You can also hire a bike, ride a horse o drive a tractor.
Who is invited to the farm. Educational groups, families, intermediate organizations, therapeutical and third age groups. When to go. The activities age scheduled according to the visitor's needs, on the day and at the time you request. Tel.: 43-1353.
Transportation. The farm has its own transportation service.

“La Cuesta” Riding School
It is a place for the lovers of horses and nature. Far from the city noise, but just 11 km from Santa Rosa, this beautiful spot combines the best pampean landscapes, sand banks, forests of caldenes and the wonderful view of the marsh of Giuliani lagoon, situated among the pine trees that specially feature the area. Different kind of fowls and small wild animals set the ideal stage for sighting the fowls living on the great water surface. The main species found are: ducks, herons, flamingos, woodpeckers and many other.
The school has horses and ponies, which are trained for jumping or training, as well as horses that are trained for rides. You can go for a ride within the premises (1 or 2 hours), or out of the premises (4 hours, 1 day, 2 days), along the neighborhood roads. Horseback riding lessons are offered for those who do not know how to ride a horse or those wanting to perfect their style. The only thing that you have to do is to make a reservation as the school provides you with the necessary equipment, the horse and the instructor.
For the little ones, the ponies can take them for an unforgettable ride in the forest.
How to arrive. Take the National Highway Nº 35 that goes towards Bariloche. The school is just 11 km from Santa Rosa. After passing the marsh of Giuliani, you will see the entrance on the National Highway.
What to do. You can carry out different equestrian activities: riding a horse or a pony through the forest paths • You can take horseback riding lessons by one of the school instructors, according to your needs. • Horse therapy sessions. • Full training lessons to ride horses in one, two or three days. • Monthly programs on riding and jumping. • One hour’s ride or two hour’s rides through circuits within the premises. • Half-day’s rides to Cachirulo. • One day’s rides to Parque Luro or to Toay Hunting Club. • Two day’s rides to Naicó.
Other optional activities. Camping (groups, schools, clubs, etc.). • Birthday celebrations (ponies available for two hours). • Free admittance for the contests that the school organizes every month.
Who is invited. Visitors, schools, clubs, summer camps.
When to go. The school is open from Tuesday through Friday, from 2 p.m. through 5 p.m. during the winter season. In summer the timetable is shifted in order to avoid high temperatures. Likewise, in order to provide you with a better service, we suggest that you should make your reservations well in advance: riding lessons or short rides, two days in advance; camping or birthday celebration, fifteen days in advance.
Transportation. You can visit the school in your own car • Shuttles or the “General Acha” bus line • Taxi or remis (chauffeur-driven car) • For the programs taking two or three days, or the ridings taking one day or more, the school provides transportation at an extra charge. Information: 02954 15 69 6040



First Flight in Airplane
Going northwards by National Route 35, just after passing Santa Rosa airport, you can see the hangar of the pampean air club.
During the weekend, if the weather conditions are fine in the morning, you can make first flights on light aircraft; another possibility to see Santa Rosa from the air. Tel: 42-3785.


Cathedral Church: just in front of San Martín Square in Santa Rosa, stands the Cathedral. Its modern facade is made up by fourteen slender hexagons representing the mystical body of the church. Twelve figures symbolize the first Apostles; a bigger figure with a cross through it represents Christ and another different hexagon showing a crown, symbolizes the Virgin. Inside the Cathedral there is the «Vía Crucis», painted by Eduardo Barnes, a sculptor born in 1901 in Rosario city. «La Divina Realeza» is the subject of all his paintings and through the fourteen stations the images remind us of the christians in their way to the Calvary. Also there, are the mortal remains of Tomás Mason, founder of the province’s Capital. In the «Navidad de todos» celebrity inaugurated the new bell tower.

The sanctuary «Nuestra Señora de Fátima»: is on Don Bosco’s Square near the Provincial Legislative building. Being a modern design, it was architecturally inspired by David’s star. The first mass was celebrated in Christmas Eve in 1992 in an opened air night. Nowadays, the sanctuary is a heavily attended place by pilgrimages. In front of it, stands the «Cristo Pensante» hermitage, an image made of linden wood granted by Polish community. In Poland and Germany is a common thing to see this image in route crossings, that is why is called «Cristo del Camino».

Nazaret’s House: Nazaret, a house for spiritual exercises, is placed on Victor Arriaga Street, in the east side of the city. It is a building where men, women, young people and married couples go there to deepen into their interior life from a Christian point of view. The building is surrounded by gardens. The entrance has fifteen bas-relieves done by Eduardo Barnes, they represent the rosary’s mysteries. The visitor is received by the «Angel de la Guarda» brought specially from Rome. Next to Nazaret’s house is the Monastery of the «Carmelitas» nuns, where they voluntarily live in cloister. You can visit them through symbolic bars that the locutory has. The Monastery was opened in 1994. In the chapel, opened to the public, the image of Saint Mary Virgin of La Pampa is revered. The sculpture was done by a carmelite nun and the originality is that it has a little «poncho», whose copies can be bought there.

Nazaret’s House


Church’s Santa Rosa city:
• S. Rosa de Lima - Avellaneda 332, tel. 42-2420
• Sagrada Familia - Neuquén 756, tel. 42-6591
• Ntra. Sra de Luján - L. de Vega 525, tel. 42-4481
• Ntra. Sra de Fátima - San Jorge 168, tel. 42-7117
• Medalla Milagrosa - Barrio Butaló, tel. 43-2937
• Sagrado Corazón - Churrinche 1440, tel. 43-5715
• Ntra. Sra de Lourdes - Av. Spinetto y C. Provincialista
• Espíritu Santo - Lorruso y Magaldi
• San Cayetano - Pilcomayo y Stieben
• San José Obrero - Mendoza 1392
• Divina Misericordia - G. Vivas y S. López, tel. 43-0784
• San Martín de Porres - Chile y Pestalozzi


Try your luck at the Casino
Located in the center of the town, “Casino Club” attracts those wanting to try their luck with endless combinations of daily draws and special prizes. There are two casinos in the city. One is located in the downtown (Lagos 155), Tel.: 43-1055, in which you will find slot machines and a snack bar. The other, the central casino, is located on National Highway Nº 5; it is the largest and the most modern casino of the country.

Casino Club


For those lovers of horseracing, in the “Jockey Club Santa Rosa” bets are always accepted (9 de Julio 130). Special races take place at the premises located on National Highway Nº 5. Tel.: 42-2778.

Movie theater
The best premieres with Stereo Dolby System are in “Cine Don Bosco”. Address: Uruguay Ave. and Pico. Tel.: 45-3166.

Young visitors will find their discos on Irigoyen and 9 de Julio.
The main places are
«V 8», 9 de Julio 130.
«Club 222», 9 de Julio 222.
«Jockey Discoteca», 9 de Julio 234.
«Juanito», Ruta 5 km 606.
«Pavarotti», Av. Roca 163.
Other options are: “Las Viñas” , a dancing club (González 754) and “Mi Refugio”, a tango club on Chaco and San Juan.


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